Lesotho Catholic Bishops’ Conference

Lesotho Catholic Bishops“ Conference was granted independence by Rome from the Southern African Catholic Bishops Conference (SACBC) in 1972. The reasons for separation were:

  • That resolutions of the Conference be for the benefit of Lesotho and Basotho;
  • That the Church should reach Basotho at their grassroots i.e. from the Hierarchy to the parish level;
  • That collaboration between Lesotho Dioceses ease the work of evangelization.

In order to achieve these goals the Lesotho Catholic Bishops’ Conference formed its own Secretariat, herein referred to as LCBC, for the implementation of the Bishops’ resolutions. The LCBC is headed by the General Secretary, and each of the four (4) LCBC Commissions is headed by the Secretary answerable to the General Secretary. Each commission is further broken into departments with clear mandates to implement the various missions of the Roman Catholic Church. The Finance Office falls under the Office of the General Secretary and provides support in finances to all the commissions.

Vision: To be a leader in evangelization and in the provision of service to humanity so that everyone lives a dignified human life.

Mission: LCBC exists to coordinate the activities of the Catholic Church for service to humanity in Lesotho, through commissions, and as guided by the teaching of the Catholic Church 

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